5 Essential Fashion Hacks For Common Menswear Problems

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fashion hacks

Five simple fashion hacks every man needs to know…


fashion hacks

1.(No) Iron Man!

Hate ironing? Join the club. Next time you want a wrinkle-free shirt, just toss it in the dryer for 10 minutes with a few ice cubes. The dryer’s heat turns them to steam and — voila! — no wrinkles. Want crisp ironed collars fast? Use a hair straightener with the heat set on medium — but take care not to leave it on the collars too long or you risk scorching the fabric.

fashion hacks

2. Freeze Your Stinky Shoes

Got a foot odour problem that’s made your Reeboks reek or your Pumas pong? Simply put the offending sneakers — or other shoes — in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. The sub-zero conditions kills off most of the odour-causing bacteria. Let them defrost naturally the next day for a fresh-smelling pair of kicks.

3. Your Denim, Too

Over-washing is going to damage your jeans—fading, shrinking, stressing or stretching the denim. On the other hand, you don’t want to smell like a hobo. So save washing for when your denim is visibly dirty, which will likely only be every few months (unless you get around by riding freight cars). To refresh your jeans and have them feeling and smelling new, simply follow the freezing technique outlined above.

4. Save Your Socks

It’s the bane of our existence—the hunt for a matching pair of socks. To solve, simply invest in a mesh bag with a drawstring and set it beside/inside your laundry hamper, reserved exclusively for socks. When it’s wash day, throw the whole thing in the washer and then dryer. You’ll never have an MIA sock again.

Man with sweat under arms

5. Begone Pit Stains!

Got a shirt showing yellow at the armpits? Mix equal parts lemon juice and water and rub in to remove that stain. If it’s extra tough, add a bit of salt to the scrub. Alternately, crush three aspirin tablets in half a cup of lukewarm water and soak the stains in the solution for a few hours. Washing as usual after either procedure should remove stains. Add one cup lemon juice or five aspirins to the washing machine for brighter overall white. Add a pinch of salt for more vibrant colours.