5 Coolest Men On The Planet Right Now

Categories Fashion

It’s an ever-changing list but here’s five guys we think make all the right style moves at the moment.

Russell Westbrook

The NBA player for Oklahoma City is widely recognised as arguably the leading stylemeister in an increasingly fashion-conscious game. Whether it’s his ensemble when arriving at the game venue or his press conference attire, he makes an effort, he’s bold and sometimes ‘out there’, and he carries it off. Mostly.


Ryan Reynolds

The Canadian actor with the natural comic timing has put himself towards the top of Hollywood’s leading man pack once more with the somewhat surprising hit, DeadPool. The career of his partner Blake Lively is in a similar upward trajectory. Beyond that, Reynolds is an awesome dresser, his long, slim frame the ideal vehicle for a confident array of dapper looks, from three-piece suits to a natty way with a half-and-half casual/formal thing he effortlessly does. Bravo.


Adam Driver

The super talented American actor is kinda gawky-looking but always supremely watchable on screen, and Star Wars fans will be seeing him again after his role as Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. His imperfect looks make him popular with fashion magazines, always after someone “interesting” and intense to set off the clothes to best effect. Mr Driver fits the bill perfectly.


Milos Raonic

The tall Canadian with Serbian background is one of the biggest servers in tennis and while yet to win a major, remains one of the game’s rising stars. His dark, brooding looks also make him one of it’s most marketable, and a perfect clotheshorse… a job he does with some aplomb. Awesome hair, too.


Troye Sivan

The angelic looking musical prodigy, sometime actor and social media powerhouse, from Australia via South Africa, has a natural touch when it comes to fashion, always looking cool and considered… much like his tunes.