10 More Basic Rules Of Dressing

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There’s nothing hard and fast when it comes to fashion, but these basics are worth observing to maintain decorum.

1.Do your trousers have belt loops? Those pants are trying to tell you something. Wear a belt, fella.

2. But… suspenders should only be worn with trousers meant for them—that is, pants without belt loops and with tabs. Further, no matter what hipsters might do, suspenders are only to be worn with a jacket.


3. Know what doesn’t belong on a belt or on belt loops? Anything. So, begone keys, pagers, mobile phones, hipster chains, security passes and Han Solo style laser pistols.

4. If you’re wearing a suit, do not carry a backpack. Transport your belongings in a briefcase or leather satchel instead. You’re a grown up, not a primary school child!


5. Don’t wear sporty sunglasses or sporty watches with a suit. Like hefting a backpack, it undermines the vibe you’re trying to create, kind of like serving home-brand vanilla ice-cream with Choc Magic as dessert at a three-hatted restaurant.

6. Without getting all anti-capitalist, remember the title of that activist bestseller No Logo and make it a mantra in your business attire. Shirts—or any other clothing item that bears a logo—are only for casual occasions. Your peers don’t want to see a Polo player peeking out of your suit lapels.

7. Solid black suits are for funerals and formal events, not for the business setting, unless, of course, you’re a funeral director or manage formal events.  Same goes for wearing a black dress shirt with a suit.

8. Do wear a pocket square with a jacket. But do not exactly match its colour or pattern to your tie. Reference it, sure, just don’t match.


9. Don’t wear a double cuff shirt without a jacket. Same goes for a tie without a jacket.

10. Patent leather shoes have only two places and they are semi-formal black tie and formal white-tie events. So don’t wear them in dress or casual settings.