10 Great Movie Menswear Moments

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We salute the most stylish gents of the cinema….

1.Richard Gere, American Gigolo

Gere’s Julian Kaye might’ve been a drug-taking man-whore but he knew how to dress and he took his suiting seriously, laying out his gorgeous Armani ensembles on the bed to decide which was right for each night out.


2. Christian Bale, American Psycho

As envisaged by author Bret Easton Ellis, psycho killer Patrick Bateman is a satirical portrait of capitalist excess, but as realised in director Mary Harron’s excellent film he’s an incredibly stylish serial killer, with everything from his skincare to suiting inspiring countless men.


3. Clark Gable, It Happened One Night

Before this Oscar-winner screwball comedy, undershirts were a menswear staple. But when his character Peter Warne was spotted without one in a scene, sales of this restrictive garment plummeted. Not wearing one today? Thank Mr Gable.


4. Michael Douglas, Wall Street

Gordon Gekko’s rapacious Wall Street plunderer might not have been as sharp as Patrick Bateman, but his shirts—especially designed for the film—inspired a generation of would-be masters of the universe. The signature blue and pink Gekko shirts featured contrasting white collars and cuffs ready to roll up, and, when teamed with braces, tie and slicked-back pompadour, announced Douglas’s character as out for the corporate kill.


5. Brad Pitt, Fight Club

Hobo hipster chic at its finest. Brad Pitt’s serial prankster/anarchist Tyler Durden works as a character because he so casually makes op-shop style ensembles look bespoke, whether it’s the leather jacket, the bold-patterned, wide-collared vacation shirts or the ironic skintight T-shirts.


6. Cary Grant, North By Northwest

When Cary Grant’s fugitive Roger Thornhill donned his vintage sunglasses in this Alfred Hitchcock classic, it immediately made him a) mysterious and b) sexycool to love interest Eva Marie Saint. A vibe was born that continues to this day.


7. Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

You might not be able to get away with wearing a white dinner jacket, but it helped define Bogart’s suave club owner/resistance hero Rick Blaine in anti-Nazi classic Casablanca. They actually sell these double-breasted numbers online, should you want to try looking at yourself, kid.


8. Sean Connery, Dr. No

When the Great Scot burst onto the scene as superspy James Bond in the first 007 adventure back in 1962, no-one could’ve predicted just what the character would do for the image of the suit. These days every new film is a chance to showcase the lucky designer who scores the suiting for the instalment, not to mention an opportunity to promote luxe watches and vehicles.


9. Marlon Brando, The Wild One

Okay, so we might not emulate the jaunty cap, but Marlon Brando’s motorcycle rebel Johnny Strabler’s Perfecto leather jacket in this 1953 classic still exerts a huge influence on menswear today, referenced and adapted by everyone from The Ramones to Jean-Paul Gaultier.


10. Steve McQueen, The Thomas Crown Affair

McQueen was known as “the king of cool” and he had a lot of marvelous movie menswear moments, including the leather-jacketed look from 1963’s The Great Escape. But he was never more suave that as millionaire Thomas Crown in this heist flick, always looking a million bucks in his three-piece suits and tinted sunnies.