10 Fashion Designers You Need to Follow on Instagram

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The elite taste-makers and style-meisters who showcase themselves and their work on the photo-sharing phenomenon.

Marc Jacobs — @themarcjacobs

A stream of selfies with celebs, models, and his dogs Neville and Lady, who you can follow at @nevillejacobs and @lovethat lady (and yes, they’ve both got more followers than you ever will).


Alessandro Michele — @lallo25

Gucci’s creative director blends shots of his mold-shattering personal style with pics of classic Italian sculptures and Renaissance art.


Christian Kimber — @christian_kimber

The London-born, Melbourne-based menswear designer founded his own brand of luxury sneakers he loves pairing with immaculate tailored suits.


Pharrell Williams — @pharrell

Singer, rapper, producer, artist, fashion designer . . . is there anything this bloke can’t do? Far from conventional but never boring, his Insta bio tells the story: “i am OTHER”.


Dany Dos Santos — @alkarus

This Paris-based streetwear designer ditched his accounting career to follow his dream of setting up a fashion label, called Drôle de Monsieur. Oh, and he’s got one of the best beards in the business.


Angelo Gallamini — @angelogallamini

Talk about beards! The aesthetic of the wispy-whiskered Italian founder of the Ermanno Gallamini label is best encapsulated by this quote he gave in 2015: “The world is my flea market.”


Panos Yiapanis — @panosyiapanis

Fond of the colour black and his Rottweiler Duchess, Yiapnos is one of the most influential men in the fashion world — and you can follow his impressive list of collabs on Insta.



Umit Benan — @umitbenan_himself

The German-born, Turkish-raised designer boasts his own self-titled menswear line that takes him all over the world, sharing a string of chic urban snaps along the way.


Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi — @poggytheman

The creative director of Japanese brand United Arrow & Sons, this street art icon has a quirky personality and a quirkier sense of style.


Tom Ford — @tomford

4.8 million followers, 0 following . . . any explanation needed?