Men’s Style’s First Ever Classic Edition

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Welcome to our preview of Men’s Style first ever Classic Edition, a special style manual for the contemporary gent.

After 13 years of publication, Men’s Style Australia has realised a long-held dream by producing our first ever Classic Edition, a style manual for the modern gent which we trust avoids the mustiness and finger-wagging of some similar publications and instead provides useful, actionable guidance on how to discover and adopt your own personal style.

This special book covers the evolution of the Australian male’s style while offering guidance and advice on contemporary dressing, grooming and dressing for events, the history and modern relevance of the suit, a portrait of a modern tailor, a comprehensive guide to modern male accessories, special shoots on suiting and denim, a 14-page Watch special, the 10 most luxurious cars of the last 50 years, a tribute to some modern icons of male style and much more.

Here are some highlights from the publication below… On sale for $14.95 from Monday, October 10 and also available at: