First Meeting in The Gentleman’s Series

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Sydney hosts the first event in the Gentleman’s Series, a networking evening for modern gents.

Chef Nelly Robinson of Sydney’s nel. Restaurant was the host this week as the first event in a series of themed events and masterclasses was put on by the Gentleman’s Collection.

Gentleman guests went behind-the-scenes and into Nelly’s kitchen to learn to cook some of his signature dishes – and cooked they did, with guests rolling up their sleeves and getting to work slicing, mixing and grilling. Nelly revealed some of his tricks of the trade and provided guests with recipes that they could try at home.

The Gentleman’s Series is a networking club which explores the world of the modern gentleman. The 2016/17 series covers five events across 12 months with gentlemanly themes as diverse as food, fashion, sport, comedy and charity – all with the stamp of the Gentleman’s Collection, all gathering like-minded modern gents together.


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Donny Galella